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회사 소개

Leading company in the green industry

Creworks Co., Ltd. is a company that contributes to human welfare and environmental preservation based on accumulated technology know-how

based on abundant experience as an environmental plant, and is growing as an eco-friendly company leading 21st century eco-friendly business.

주식회사 크레웍스는 환경 플랜트 관련 업체로서 풍부한 경험을 바탕으로 축적된 기술 노하우를 가지고 인류복지 와 환경보전에 이바지하기 위한 기업으로서 21세기 친환경 사업을 이끌어가는 환경전문 기업으로 성장해 나가고 있습니다.

Human-Centered 인간중심경영

  • Environment 지구환경개선
  • Tech & Quality 기술 & 품질개발
  • Service 고객만족

Since its establishment in February 2014, our company has focused on developing technologies that utilize optical fiber extraction and Bottom ash.

Human-Centered It is a company with human-oriented management.
Tech & Quality It is a company dedicated to technology & quality development
Service As a company to contribute to human welfare and environmental conservation. It is a company that puts customer service first.