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사업 소재 분야

CRE’s WOOL Features

Mineral fiber, which is safe for the human body

Characteristics of insulation, insulation, fire resistance, temperature, insulation, abrasion resistance, etc.

No absorbent, less absorbent and non-corrosive

Strong tensile strength and low elongation rate

It has a thermal conductivity of 0.036W/mK, which enables production of products higher than or equal to ‘level 2’ grade among insulation classes


Creworks uses a newly developed mineral fiber material.

CRE's WOOL is a type of glass Wool. It is a unique name for the product produced by us using Bottom Ash.

크레웍스에서는 신개발 광물섬유 소재를 사용한 제품을 개발하며,친환경 사업에 앞장서고 있는 Bottom Ash를 재활용한 섬유 제조 기업으로 바닥재ㆍ폐기회를 주 원료로한 미네랄울 생산공정 개발 하고 있습니다.

Market analysis

The current insulation market is dominated by organic insulation in Korea. (Due to cheap prices, easy-to-manufacture processes, etc.)

Inorganic insulation markets are formed in large numbers in overseas countries where the use of flammable materials is generalized.